Kibale National Park: Chimps and Tea Leaves

Kibale National Park is located in Southern Uganda and protects stunning evergreen rainforest. It is also home to 12 species of primates and our closest relative, the Chimpanzee. Its great to trek in Kibale National Park as one group of chimps are actually habituated due to a huge research programme that has been running for many years. On our trek we got within feet of these amazing apes  going about their daily lives. 
We stayed on a camp site outside the park that was also part of a tea plantation of which there are many. Its fascinating watching the local people picking the right leaves all by hand and filling their baskets. We all drink tea and don’t think where or how it originates. Well its through hard labour under a blistering sun here in Uganda. 
What a stunning place, lush, green, rich and fertile land but thankfully Kibale National Park protects the original land that once carpeted this part of Africa.
 – Kibale NP, Southern Uganda – June 2012

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