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My name is John Paul Whelan and thanks for visiting my website.

So a bit about Me. Leaving school back in 1996 I fell into the expected norm of our society, girlfriend, house, job and that interest free Sofa..!! As the years passed by I knew deep inside that this life was not for me. It took a long time to make the big decision, but in 2005, and thanks to a great friend, nice one Mark, I booked a round-the-world plane ticket, embarking on a trip of a lifetime.

In that year My travels took me over 4 continents, visiting 10 countries. It was the most amazing thing I had ever done and filled the void inside me that I had felt for so long.

I returned back to the UK, feeling like a new person. It was great to see family and friends but I knew immediately, the travelling “bug” had got me.

I started saving again and planning epic adventure no.2 when I was offered a dream job in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. It was to run a backpacker hostel in Cairns, on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef and the age old and World Heritage Listed Daintree National Park. It took me a matter of hours to make the huge decision to emigrate, ofcourse my answer was “Yes”..!!

I had 5 wonderful years at Travellers Oasis Backpackers where we won the best Hostel in Oceania thru in 2011 & 2012. The highlight was helping so many backpackers have the time of their lives.

In February 2012 I decided to hit the road again and visit the places I have been dreaming of seeing. My blog follows me thru Asia & Africa & then into the UK…. Febuary 2014 its South America! 

As well as my stories, I will also post as much information, reviews, tours and whatever I can to help out anyone else travelling the world.

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Living the Dream and helping you guys with ideas & dreams for your future travels….