Follow Me with My Google Maps

My Google Maps is an awesome way to show your family, friends and followers where you are in the world. My Google Map,, shows where I have travelled throughout the world since 2005. Currently I am travelling through South America, so this map is live and being updated all of the time, if I’m not in the middle of the Amazon that is!

How to use My Google Maps

So I have created a number of different maps you can choose to see, one at a time or all at once.

  • Click on the different coloured lines or links to get info on the route I travelled
  • Click on the named routes in the menu to take you to them
  • Click on the Pins and they tell you where they have been dropped
  • Click on the place names in the menu it will take you to the pin
  • For full screen just click the ‘full-screen box’ in the right corner
  • Google haven’t made it small-screen friendly, best viewed on tablet, laptop, or a desktop

Below are the different map layers you can have a look at – happy mapping!

  1. Exploring South America – Now!
  2. African Adventures – 2012
  3. Indonesia and Borneo – 2012 (under construction)
  4. My RTW Travel – 2005 (under construction)
  5. My Other Travel Stops (under construction)


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